Sansahash Impala skirt

Sansahash is releasing 2 new patterns. One of them is the Impala skirt. I was one of the lucky sewists who got to test the skirt  pattern.

It’s a very easy pattern to sew, yet very fashionable. Especially if you choose not to include the zipper, it’s easy peasy. But the result is awesome.


I got selected to sew the option with te zipper for my oldest daughter. She is a very skinny 10 year old, hence sizing is always a bit weird for her. I made her a skirt waist 5, hips 7 and height 11. And it’s a perfect fit!


She loves it, I love it, what could I ask more?

Sorry for the little photo bomber :-p


But there is more!


Sansahash released two patterns at the same time, there also is a pattern for a unisex jacket, how cool is that? .

You can grab a copy of the English version of the Seronera Jacket and Impala here  and here or Dutch versions here  and here for just $5.5 (€ 5 excluding VAT) through monday 24th, September 2018.

Blog tour and give-away

There also is a blog tour. All the testers/bloggers have put together a series of blog posts to show you their amazing creations using these new patterns.

Each day 1 winner will take away both patterns. All you have to do is leave a comment below by telling which pattern is your favourite en follow the instructions of each blogger from today  including the sansahash blog.

Today’s other bloggers are:

  1. caroline vanschoonbeek of motherfromgirlandboy
  2. Nelleke van der Haar of  gaafmachine
  3. Ellen Merckx of  mamadammeke
  4. Audrey Chiaramonte of audreyslagniappes
  5. Claudia of  IG
  6. Zoe Lawson

But you should definitely take some time to check out the other bloggers creations too, they really are amazing

  1. Fleur van Haaster-Sebregts of Fleuresebregts
  2. Alexandra Robbe of  bysawadee
  3. Annet Lugtenburg of annetsnaaicreaties
  4. Davina Briers of woohoobydavina
  5. Marieke te Voortwis of Mamarieke
  6. Marieke Van Damme of mariekefalderieke
  7. Gloria Aldana  of @becauseofherboutique
  8. Vanessa Deconninck of studio_juliette
  9. Astrid Bissiere of pepetteetsescousettes
  10. Aurore Duveau of MyW0nd3rland
  11. Cindy Matthijssen of missmaakt
  12. Tine Wouters of @10e89
  13. Dagbjørt Sigurdardottir of bydagbjort
  14. Vanessa Soete of Buttonhappy
  15. Gloria Aldana of @becauseofherboutique
  16. Ceal Sewing of cael_sewing
  17. Tine Busschaert of piepow
  18. Inge Vanberghen of skwadraatlive
  19. Tamara Straetemans of lunatiek
  20. Marieke Brugman of studiospatz
  21. Valerie of valeriemoestash
  22. Ingrid Derniaux of minette-et-choupinette
  23. Lesley De Winter of frullemieke
  24. Ln Gilbaz of lavalisedepetitloup
  25. Isabel Taverniers of Sewbel

Happy Sewing !




Fabric: Fabric is from ‘see you at six’. I won the ‘milk fabric’ a while ago in a contest from Cas&Nina. The matching black fabric, I bought  in Huis van Katoen in Aarschot.


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